Veterinary Services

Pet Reproductive Services in Ottumwa, IA

At Ottumwa Family Animal Care, we’re thrilled to provide timed AI and timed c-section services. Learn more below.

Timed AI

Timed artificial insemination (AI) is all about ensuring successful breeding and keeping our animals healthy. Using advanced techniques and perfect timing, our team plans and carries out AI procedures to boost conception rates. We keep a close eye on the female animal’s reproductive cycle and inseminate at just the right time for fertilization. This method helps prevent missed breeding chances and makes breeding programs more efficient.

Timed Cesarean Sections

We’re dedicated to keeping both mom and babies safe during labor and delivery. That’s why our expert veterinary team schedules cesarean sections to handle any potential issues that may arise. These timed c-sections give us precise control over the birthing process, so we can step in quickly if there are any complications. With our experienced care, timed c-sections greatly improve the likelihood of successful births and ensure the health of both mom and her babies.

Exotic Pet Care

A brief outline of our reproductive services is as follows:

For Males:

  • Breeding Examinations for infertility for male

For Females:

  • Breeding evaluation
  • Progesterone Testing, Same day Results
  • Artificial Inseminations
  • Vaginal Cytology
  • Breeding management-(this includes ovulation timing, fresh semen insemination
  • Pregnancy Confirmation –an ultrasound is performed 30 days following breeding. Ultrasound is a safe and very accurate way to diagnose pregnancy and evaluate the health of the pregnancy.
  • Digital Radiographs to count-taken the week before the female is due to accurately determine fetal numbers
  • High-risk pregnancy management –evaluation and monitoring of females progesterone levels that have lost previous pregnancies
  • Scheduled C-sections
  • Brucella canis testing sent to outside laboratory

Our experienced veterinary team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and support throughout the entire reproductive journey.