Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Exams in Ottumwa, IA

Often times vet visits are done reactively to some sort of health issues, rather than preventative health care. We believe that regular wellness visits for your pet are a great way to be proactive about their health and ensure they live a long and healthy life! Whether you have a “youngster” or a “senior citizen,” wellness exams are a great opportunity to conduct a thorough physical exam of your pet. This allows us to catch any medical problems before they become a larger issue.

Wellness exams include an exam of your pet’s major organ systems. When attending a wellness exam, you can expect the Veterinarian or technician to ask you questions about your pet’s behavior, diet, exercise habits, and daily routines. This is also a great opportunity to discuss and administer any vaccinations that may be due.

We encourage you to consider wellness exams as an active role in your pet’s health care, and as always feel free to call us with any questions!

Pet Wellness Exams